About Beit HaLevi


Beit HaLevi is a Modern Orthodox Ashkenazi synagogue and Cultural learning centre.


Synagogue History


Beit haLevi was established in 2014 to commemorate the memory of Lithuanian and Latvian Jews who perished in the holocaust. Nusach Ashkenazi is the prayer medium for the services.

The synagogue has seating for 68 men and 48 women and has been superbly fitted out by Kibbutz Lavi in Israel with seating, the Bimah and Aron Kodesh. The synagogue  holds services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Philosophy and Ambitions


The main focus for Beit HaLevi is to promote, extend and uplift the Melbourne Jewish Community in Jewish culture, learning and history as well as in the arts and music. Beit HaLevi will be providing and coordinating the visit of highly  respected international and local speakers, musicians, historians and cantors to engage and promote all forms of Jewish Culture and learning. The program of these special individual visitors will be announced on our website, BeithaLevi.com and in the press from time to time.